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Maharam was founded in 1902 by
Louis Maharam, a Russian immigrant.

Through the generations, Maharam
evolved from a source of theatrical textiles
for costume and set design in the 1940s
to a pioneer of performance-driven textiles
for commercial interiors in the '60s.
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Maharam is recognized for its
rigorous and holistic commitment
to design as a leading provider
of textiles to architects and interior
designers. Maharam embraces a
range of disciplines, from product,
graphic, and digital design to art
and architecture.
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Maharam's spaces are unified in
both appearance and spirit.

The Maharam Design Studio governs
the research, engineering, design,
and development of textiles for
commercial and residential interiors.
Balancing an appreciation of history
with innovative interdisciplinary
exploration, the studio focuses on
four main themes: utility, technology,
tradition, and luxury.
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Drawn from our archives,
Original Contract Textiles reflect
the heritage of weaving.
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Material innovation is
fundamental to our textile
engineering initiatives.
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Textiles of the 20th Century
pays homage to modern design
icons like Koloman Moser, Anni
Albers, Alexander Girard, Charles
and Ray Eames, and Gio Ponti
by faithfully reissuing their work.
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Long-term collaborations with
Konstantin Grcic, Hella Jongerius,
and Paul Smith, among others,
foster an open dialogue across
varied design disciplines.
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Maharam Digital Projects
is an assemblage of large-scale
wall installations created by
emerging and established artists
and designers.
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Our collaborative work with
Nike, Vitra, and others extends our
creative reach beyond textiles.
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Maharam textiles are included in the
permanent collections of the Art
Institute of Chicago, the Museum of
Modern Art, and the Stedelijk Museum,
among others. Maharam is the
recipient of the Cooper-Hewitt National
Design Museum Design Patron Award
(2007) for its longstanding support of
design and cultural initiatives. Maharam
was published in 2011.
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